The Luxembourg research community has reacted rapidly to the COVID-19 pandemic. As researchers all over the country are working on numerous new projects to contribute to the fight against the virus, there is a need for coordination and collaboration. Research Luxembourg (UL, LIH, LISER, LIST, FNR, Ministry of Higher Education and Research) and its COVID-19 Task Force has therefore launched a national COVID-19 platform. This website will support the research community, facilitate exchange and the identification of synergies.

The different parts of the platform allow researchers to:

On top of giving a good overview of COVID-19 research in Luxembourg, this centralised platform aims at fostering collaboration and communication. It is essential to make the most of the existing skills and resources while avoiding duplication of work.

The FNR will shortly set up a special research programme focusing on the COVID-19 outbreak. The projects submitted within that programme will have to be published on this platform first.

Thank you for your contribution. Together, we will fight the disease!